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Belkyra™ (Kybella™) in Vancouver and Richmond BC

A double chin, as it's called, usually refers to a stubborn collection of fat that sits underneath the chin. Even a small collection of fat in this location can be enough to blunt the cervicomental angle - the angle between the neck and the jaw-line. What's particularly frustrating about a double chin for many of my patients is that it appears disproportionate to the rest of their body. For example, many men and women who are not overweight appear to have a hereditary predisposition to develop a moderate or even severe double chin, and there's simply no amount of training and exercise that will correct this.

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Up until now, liposuction and surgery have been the only treatment options in my practice for a double chin. However, a non-invasive option has become available. Belkyra™ is an injectable product, recently approved by Health Canada, that can be administered in the office for treatment of moderate to severe double chin deformities. The typical patient will require 3-5 treatments. The cosmetic outcomes can be dramatic and all the evidence that is currently available points to a long lasting correction.

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Belkyra™ will join the list of non-invasive treatments in our office. Although it will be offered as a stand-alone procedure, it will also be a nice complement to the work we are doing with Botox® and Juvederm®. If you would like more information about how to lose your double-chin, you can arrange a consultation to specifically discuss Belkyra™. If your interests are more general, arrange a Beautiphication consultation and we can discuss Belkyra™ in the context of our other cosmetic services.