Can Liposuction Reduce Stomach Fat?

Even with the best diet and exercise routine, getting the physique you want can be difficult. When we lose weight from all over the body, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be able to make our body proportions exactly the way we want them to be. There’s a simple reason for this: we carry more fat cells in certain areas than others and each person’s body shape is different. The stomach is one of the most common areas for both men and women to be self-conscious about, especially if their body type makes them have a strong tendency to store fat around the middle even when the rest of them is slim. If you’re thinking of having liposuction from our Vancouver area practice for a flatter stomach, you should remember that it doesn’t work on all types of stomach fat.

Each time we gain weight, the fat cells on our “problem areas” become enlarged. Since we have more of them on those areas, they are proportionately larger than the other areas on the body. Genetics and hormonal factors have a major influence on where we store fat, which is why some people may consider their hips, thighs, and butt to be areas where they gain weight most easily while for others, it may be the stomach, flanks, or elsewhere on the body.

We have two main types of fat in our bodies: visceral and subcutaneous. The best method to reduce your stomach fat depends on which type you have more of. The visceral fat is a type of unseen fat that accumulates close to the internal organs such as the liver and intestines. This type of fat protrudes against the muscle wall, which is why some people have a “beer belly” that feels hard. Subcutaneous stomach fat, on the other hand, is the soft, squishy fat directly below the skin that you can pinch. Liposuction can only remove the subcutaneous fat, but it won’t be able to access visceral fat in the deep abdominal cavity. Currently, the only way of reducing visceral fat is through lifestyle changes such as improving your diet and exercising more regularly. For more details on body contouring with liposuction, contact the Vancouver area-based office of Dr. Owen Reid. Call us at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form to request a consultation with him ifthere’s a cosmetic surgery procedure that you’re interested in having.