How Should I Dress After a Breast Reduction?

Large breasts can often cause uncomfortable symptoms as a result of the excess weight on the chest, such as pain in the back and shoulders, shortness of breath, headaches, numbness in the arms, and pressure on the shoulders from bra straps. Losing weight, physical therapy, and pain medications usually won’t provide much relief. The only method that works is breast reduction surgery. One thing that many patients are curious about after a breast reduction from our Vancouver area practice is when they’ll be able to wear normal clothes again. You’ll be excited to see the life-changing results from the procedure and it’s not the most challenging recovery process, but you should know that it can take up to two weeks before you feel like yourself again and are able to resume all normal activities.

In addition to the other steps to prepare for breast reduction, a post-operative bra is critical so this is something you will want to discuss with us beforehand. You’ll want to have a post-surgery bra that’s tailored specifically for breast reduction surgery. This bra should be convenient, comfortable, minimize movement, and provide support for sutures or drains. If you’re choosing your own, pick one that’s wire-free, has pockets, is made from soft fabric, is adjustable, and has longer lines.

In most cases, patients will be instructed to wear a surgical bra for twenty-four hours a day. We recommend that you wear it for six weeks after your surgery. During your follow-up visit, you will find out whether you can switch to wearing another type of support garment or sports bra and when it will be acceptable to wear a normal bra again. The post-surgical bra helps to reduce some of the pressure on the incisions. You should avoid wearing underwire bras and choose soft, supportive bras for at least three months after the procedure, or until the swelling goes down and your incisions have healed. While you’re recovering, you can go ahead and shop for new bras that will fit your new breast size and shape.

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