Why is Winter Ideal for Cosmetic Surgery?

One of the most important aspects involved in planning for plastic surgery is the timing. Patients often have questions about when will be the best time for them to get a certain procedure because of course, they want everything to do with their procedure and the results to be just right. People who have an upcoming special event to attend such as a wedding need to give themselves lots of time to heal before the occasion. Seasonality is also something you’ll need to consider as some treatments are more popular at some times of the year than others. Then on top of that, there’s the complicated issue of deciding how to navigate taking time away from work and your other responsibilities. It’s important to discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon and find out how much time you’ll need for recovery. If you’re thinking of having some form of plastic surgery such as breast augmentation from our Vancouver area practice, the colder months are an optimal time to finally have the cosmetic treatment you’ve always wanted. These are some of the reasons why we recommend having surgical treatments at this time.

You’ll Need Less Vacation Days

Lots of people put off having plastic surgery because they might feel like can’t take off enough time from work to recover. As the holidays provide some built-in days off work you won’t need to take as many days off and this will give you a longer time to rest up at home.

Conceal Side Effects

When you spend most of your time indoors and covered in bulky clothes, it’s easy to hide any changes or side effects you experience during recovery.

Be Ready in Time for Summer

For most body procedures, it can take months before the complete results appear. Scars and swelling need sufficient time to disappear. When you have a body contouring or breast surgery during the winter, you’ll be ready to flaunt your new look by the time warmer weather and swimsuit season arrive again.

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