Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

One of the most common questions during Dr. Reids breast augmentation patient consultations pertain to sizing. In general, there are key breast ratios that are universally considered attractive. During your breast implant selection and sizing with Dr. Reid, he will carefully assist you to ensure that these key ratios are corrected and/or maintained in order to create beautiful natural looking breasts that are balanced with respect to your individual body type.

The illustrations below (figures 1, 2 & 3) show how proper pre-operative measurement and respecting the importance of key ratios can lead to an optimum surgical outcome.

Before Surgery

before-img before-img-mobile

Patients seek Dr. Reid's breast augmentation surgery expertise to address a variety of reasons including:

  • Enhancing breast shape
  • Enlarging breasts for aesthetic reasons
  • Breast reconstruction

Key Distances

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Key breast Ratios—ensuring proportion and symmetry of these ratios are key to giving breasts a natural youthful look.

  • BH - Measures breast height
  • BBW measures base breast width
  • N-IMF measures the distance between nipple to inframammary fold

After Surgery

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Careful execution of surgical plans ensure your new breasts look and feel as natural as possible by:

  • Ensuring symmetry between breasts
  • Maintaining and/or correcting key distances to ensure each breast is well proportioned