Injectable Fillers such as JUVEDERM™ in the Richmond area

Injectable Fillers such as JUVEDERM™ in the Richmond area

What are fillers and how do they differ from BOTOX®?

Fillers are injectable cosmetic products designed to restore facial volume and fill lines and wrinkles. In contrast, BOTOX® is a chemical substance that reduces muscle activity and the formation of wrinkles associated with facial expression.

Which fillers does Dr. Reid use?

There are many different types of fillers, and they can be broadly classified as either temporary or permanent. Dr. Reid has been injecting fillers in his Richmond office since 2009. He uses what he considers to be the best available product ¨Ė JUVEDERM™. The JUVEDERM™ family of products is a series of temporary injectable fillers composed of hyaluronic acid Ė a naturally occurring substance within your body that is essential to skin hydration and volume. The treatment results are noticeable immediately, and the filler is absorbed over a period of about 12-18 months.

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What are the different JUVEDERM™ fillers?

Dr. Reid offers the following JUVEDERM™ products:

  • JUVEDERM™ Voluma
  • JUVEDERM™ Volbella
  • JUVEDERM™ Ultra Plus

All products in the JUVEDERM™ family contain hyaluronic acid. However, the physical properties, such as viscosity, differ, which allows them to be used for different purposes. For example, JUVEDERM™ Voluma is a high-viscosity filler that is ideal for restoring lost volume to areas such as the cheek. It is placed deeply, rather than in the skin, and it can have a lifting effect on the surrounding area. In contrast, JUVEDERM™ Volbella is a smooth, low-viscosity filler that is the ideal product for lip enhancement and the correction of fine line wrinkles.

What are the benefits of injectable fillers?

Descent, deflation and deterioration are the three "Ds" of aging. With the variety of available products and the advanced injection techniques used in the BeautiPHIcation™ treatment, Dr. Reid can affect all three of these aging hallmarks. When fillers were first introduced, they were employed in a limited way to fill lines and folds. In addition, the benefits now include restoration of facial volume, which is an essential feature of a youthful look. As part of a BeautiPHIcation™ treatment, Dr. Reid uses a measurement-guided approach that relies on subtle changes in facial proportions to create the best version of you.

Are BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVEDERM™ used together?

These non-invasive treatment options are used for different purposes, and they are complimentary. For most patients, a combination of both JUVEDERM™ and BOTOX® is beneficial. Other products such as LATISSE™ and Celazome® skin care products will help to ensure you're looking your best.

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Who will perform my treatment?

All filler treatments are administered by Dr. Reid in his Richmond office. Initial consultation appointments last 30 minutes. Dr. Reid will listen to your goals and provide a comprehensive treatment plan. As a plastic surgeon, he is also able to present the advantages and disadvantages of all the available treatment options, both surgical and non-invasive. Limited filler treatments can be performed as part of the initial consultation, but most patients appreciate the benefits of a more global approach to facial enhancement and choose to have a BeautiPHIcation treatment, which is scheduled separately.

What is the recovery like after receiving injectable fillers?

Although still considered mild, side effects such as bruising, discomfort and redness are more common with fillers than with BOTOX®. Patients are provided with detailed post-operative instructions following their treatment. A follow-up at the Richmond office with Dr. Reid will take place within 1-2 weeks of the procedure.

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