Face and Neck Lift in Richmond & Vancouver Area

Face and neck lift in Vancouver

Benefits of face and neck lift after weight loss surgery

The effects of massive weight loss in the face and neck are similar to other parts of the body. Loose excess skin leads to the formation of jowls, poor definition of the jaw and a blunted neck line.

Considerations for weight loss patients

Fluctuations in weight can accelerate the aging process and as such, weight loss patients may benefit from a face or neck lift at a relatively young age. Massive weight loss patients also tend to have more laxity in the neck than other patients and Dr. Reid uses a modified procedure here to achieve an athletic and natural looking neckline.

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Face and Neck Lift description

Access to the face and neck is created by an incision that is concealed along the hairline and around the ears. The skin overlying the cheek and the neck is lifted so that Dr. Reid has access to the fat pad in the cheek and soft-tissues of the neck. Most of the lifting and tightening that occurs involves these deeper tissues, and not the skin. This allows for lifting of the cheek and neck without the creation of tightness in the skin or a 'wind tunnel' appearance. As in other body contouring procedures, excess skin is removed during a face and neck lift, but the skin is always repaired under no tension so that the results appear natural.

What is the role of fat grafting?

There is a loss of youthful fat from the cheeks and peri-orbital areas that occurs with aging and, as a result, fat grafting has become as integral part of facial rejuvenation procedures. Fat grafting is the ideal way to replace lost volume and recreate youthful facial proportions.

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Face and neck lift recovery

Following a face and neck lift, patients will stay overnight in the private surgical facility in Vancouver. Dr. Reid will be in to see you the next morning prior to your discharge home. This procedure does not require an elaborate dressing and showering is permitted within 24 - 48 hours. Time off from work and away from social activities is typically 2-3 weeks. Follow-up appointments take place in Richmond at 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months following the procedure.


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