Lower Face & Neck Lift

Lower Face & Neck Lift Frontal Before
Lower Face & Neck Lift Frontal After

This patient's primary objective was to improve the contour of her neck. In the pre-op photos, you may observe other age-related changes such as the jowl formation, down-turned corner's of the mouth and a generally squared or widened appearance of the lower face.

She received a lower face and neck lift. This procedure requires an incision that is concealed in front of and behind the ear. Common adjunctive procedures such as fat grafting and peri-oral rejuvenation were not performed.

In the 6 week post-op photos, observe her improved neck contour. Her jowls have been addressed and as a result a cleaner jaw-line is observed. The corners of the mouth are slightly elevated and the lower face has an overall thinner more triangular appearance.

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*Results may vary from patient to patient.