Revision Breast Surgery in the Vancouver Area

Revision Breast Surgery in the Vancouver Area

What is revision breast surgery?

The vast majority of cosmetic breast surgery patients are happy with their results. However, even successful surgeries will not always produce results that last a lifetime and in those situations patients may benefit from some surgical refreshing. If you are dissatisfied with the effects of your past breast surgery, Dr. Owen Reid can outline your treatment options and recommend a surgical plan that suits your unique needs. He has helped numerous women regain a positive body image by performing revision breast surgery in the Vancouver area.

Revision Breast Surgery Benefits

Revision, or corrective, breast surgery is a general term describing the surgical improvement upon the results of a patient's previous breast augmentation, lift, or reduction. Vancouver women opt for revision surgery with Dr. Reid in order to:

  • Improve breast shape
  • Change breast size or implant type
  • Reduce asymmetry
  • Relieve discomfort
  • Address deformities caused by capsular contracture, implant malposition, or implant rippling
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How does revision breast surgery work?

Your consultation will provide an opportunity for you to describe your current concerns regarding shape, size, firmness and other breast characteristics. Dr. Reid will perform a focused examination and following that the surgical options will be reviewed.

Revision breast surgery takes place at a private surgical facility in Vancouver. This type of surgery is highly variable and may incorporate one or more of the following procedures:

  • A scar revision
  • The removal of implants
  • Excision of scar tissue from around the implants
  • Adjustment of implant position
  • Replacement of implants
  • Breast lift

The duration of the procedure depends on the extent of surgery and will vary between 1 - 3 hours.

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Revision Breast Surgery Recovery

Revision breast surgery typically takes place on an outpatient basis, meaning you can return home the day of your procedure. Youll want to have a friend or loved one drive you home and provide some support for a few days after your surgery.

Dr. Reid uses dissolvable sutures with his breast procedures. Drains may or may not be required. You will be fitted for a post-surgical bra, which will support your breasts in place and help to ensure a successful cosmetic result. If necessary, Dr. Reid will prescribe medication to help relieve your discomfort during the recovery.

In general, revision breast patients will need to rest for a few days and avoid exercise for a few weeks. Dr. Reid will examine you at a follow-up appointment to assess the aesthetic success of the surgery and to ensure your safety.

Additional Breast Augmentation Information:

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