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Scar Revision in Vancouver & Richmond

Who will benefit from a scar revision?

Whether they are from injury, acne, or previous surgery, unwanted scars are a common reason for Vancouver area patients to see Dr. Reid. Scars can be problematic for a variety of reasons; some are thick or raised, some have a different colour than the surrounding skin, others are widened or oriented in a direction that goes against the natural skin creases. Dr. Reid will help you to understand what features of your scar are most important to treat and what kind of result to expect from a scar revision.

Scar Revision Description

Each scar is unique and, as such, scar revisions are a highly customized procedure. It's not possible to remove or completely erase a scar, but the goal of every scar revision is to alter the scar so that it's as inconspicuous as possible. In most cases, scar revisions are performed in the office and easily tolerated under local anaesthetic (freezing). The steps of the procedure often involve removing the old scar, making minor adjustments to the surround skin and tissue and then closing the skin. The success of a scar revision relies heavily on the application of the fundamental principles and techniques of Plastic Surgery.

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Scar Revision Recovery

Following a scar revision, patients are provided with a detailed list of simple post-operative instructions. Showers, work and most activities can be resumed the following day.

Optimizing your scar

Each new scar evolves during a maturation process that lasts 6 - 12 months. During this time, most scars will naturally improve. This process can accelerated and the final result can be improved by applying a Silicone Scar Gel on a daily basis throughout the maturation process.

What to watch for

Unfortunately it is not possible to completely control the healing process, and rarely scars become thick or raised as they mature. Should this occur following your scar revision, it is important that you arrange a follow-up with Dr. Reid so that treatment can be initiated.

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