Breast Reconstruction in Vancouver

Breast Reconstruction in Vancouver

This page is meant to be a resource for women with breast cancer who are considering breast reconstruction in the Vancouver area. Breast reconstruction is a woman's choice and for some, it is an important part of comprehensive cancer care. Dr. Reid works collaboratively with general surgeons and oncologists in Vancouver, Richmond and Delta to ensure that breast reconstruction is delivered safely, without compromising your cancer treatment.

What if I've recently been diagnosed with breast cancer?

If you have recently received your diagnosis, you may still be waiting for your doctor's final recommendation on the timing and type of cancer treatment that will be required. It can be difficult to understand at what point breast reconstruction can or should be initiated. Although the treatment of your breast cancer is first and foremost on everyone's mind, an early referral to Dr. Reid can help ensure that your breast reconstruction is coordinated at the optimal time. Consultations are meant to be informative, and there is no expectation that you will make a final decision regarding breast reconstruction at that time.

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What is breast reconstruction?

"Breast reconstruction" is a general term that refers to the many surgical techniques used by plastic surgeons to create a new breast. This type of surgery is most often required following a total or partial mastectomy. The aim of breast reconstruction is not only to create a new breast, but also to improve your quality of life and the way you feel about your body.

How do I make an appointment to see Dr. Reid?

To see Dr. Reid in consultation regarding breast reconstruction, have your oncologist, general surgeon or family doctor make a referral. Breast reconstruction is a core component of Dr. Reid's hospital practice in Richmond. He is one of a handful of surgeons offering this type of care within the Vancouver Coastal Health Region.

What happens during my consultation?

Consultations take place in our Richmond office and last about 30-40 minutes. Dr. Reid will review the documents received as part of the referral made by your doctor. The details of your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment will be reviewed along with your medical history. Dr. Reid will present some of the key considerations regarding breast reconstruction and ask about your preferences. Following a physical examination, Dr. Reid will make some recommendations about the reconstructive options that are best suited to you. We encourage you to bring a friend or family member to the consultation if you think that would be helpful.

Important considerations regarding breast reconstruction

As part of your initial consultation, Dr. Reid will help you focus on some of the key considerations to help you develop a better understanding of the following issues:

  • Is breast reconstruction right for me?
  • When is the best time to begin the process? During or after my cancer treatment?
  • Which breast reconstruction technique is right for me?
  • What are the alternatives to the recommended treatment?
  • What is the expected result?
  • What will the recovery be like?
  • What are the potential risks associated with surgery?

Who is a candidate for breast reconstruction?

Although your age or general health may impact the choice of breast reconstruction technique, it is very rare that a patient is not a candidate for a reconstruction of any type. Dr. Reid will help you weigh the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment options so you can make an informed decision.

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When is the right time to have breast reconstruction?

There is no right answer to this question. With respect to timing, breast reconstruction can be either "immediate" or "delayed".

  • The process of “immediate” breast reconstruction begins at the time of the mastectomy (removal of the breast)
  • In contrast, “delayed” breast reconstruction begins anytime following the mastectomy, be it months, years or even decades.

What is the best technique for breast reconstruction?

There is no one best technique. Deciding on a surgical plan is a complex process, and Dr. Reid will make recommendations based on factors related to your cancer diagnosis and treatment, your general health and your preferences.

There are many breast reconstruction techniques to choose from. They can be categorized into those that use:

  • Your own tissue
  • A combination of temporary and/or permanent breast implants, or
  • A combination of your own tissue and a breast implant

Some patients will be ideally suited for an implant reconstruction, while others may be better served by a technique that uses their own tissue. As part of your consultation, Dr. Reid will direct you towards those techniques that are best suited to you.

Where can I find more information on breast reconstruction?

Please visit our patient resource page to find more information on the available breast reconstruction techniques as well as some links to related websites.

Additional Breast Augmentation Information:

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