We are not offering BBL procedures at this time


The BBL is a surgical procedure that aims to enhance buttock shape and body proportions through the use of liposuction and fat grafting.


A Brazilian Butt lift is very similar to other fat grafting procedures. Liposuction is used as a method of collecting fat for the buttock augmentation. Once the fat has been processed in the operating room, Dr. Reid carefully grafts the fat in to the gluteal region to achieve the desired shape. In the typical case, several small incisions, approximately 1cm in length, are required.

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Dr. Owen Reid MD FRCSC


Dr. Reid has trained specifically in plastic surgery. He completed medical school with honors at the University of British Columbia prior to receiving training in surgery of the breast and body.


Dr.  Reid is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. He frequently attends conferences relating to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery while maintaining an active interest in post-weight loss surgery.


With a Brazilian Butt Lift, patients should benefit from both the  liposuction and the gluteal augmentation. Often it’s the liposuction that has a more dramatic effect on a person’s shape. Liposuction of the circumferential torso is included in the procedure, however, treatment of additional areas such as the inner thighs and arms may be considered.



Fat that is grafted in to the buttocks will integrate in to the surrounding tissue, resulting in a permanent and natural enhancement. During every fat grafting procedure, a significant percentage of the transferred fat will not integrate and is subsequently lost through a process known as resorption. This process is often visible to patients during the recovery phase, but by 3 months, the final result is stable and no further resorption will take place.


BBLs are best performed as a stand alone procedure, however, combining a BBL with other procedures, such as a breast augmentation, can be considered If the volume of liposuction and fat grafting required for the BBL is quite low.


In addition to the standard list of complications that threaten any procedure, BBLs have a unique surgical risk that should be carefully weighed against its expected benefits. Although we’ve not experienced this in our practice, it’s been recognized internationally that pulmonary fat embolism is a potentially fatal complication of BBLs that has elevated the risk profile of this procedure above any other. In most cases, pulmonary fat embolism has been associated with technical factors, such as intramuscular fat injections, and as result new procedural guidelines have been developed that aim to eliminate this risk. Although we have implemented these best practice guidelines, it remains unclear to what extent these risks are mitigated. Perhaps the potential benefits don’t outweigh the risks for those patients who are looking to enhance an already attractive body type. In contrast, for individuals with a difficult body shape, that’s not responsive to lifestyle changes, it’s reasonable to consider a BBL. Such patients usually have some combination of flat buttocks, ‘hip dips’ and excess fat in the ‘love handle’ area.


During the consultation process, Dr. Reid will help you to develop realistic expectations for the aesthetic outcome. This is primarily an impression of the overall change in shape and proportions, but may also include anticipated volumes of liposuction and fat grafting. While these can be estimated, they can not be known or promised ahead of time. There are considerations during surgery, that will have bearing on the safety of the procedure, and Dr. Reid will need some latitude to exercise his clinical judgement at that time while determining the final volumes.


At the end of the procedure, compression garments are applied in the operating room. Patients are then transferred to the recovery room of the private surgery centre prior to being discharged home later that same day. Drainage tubes are not required. The level of discomfort following a BBL is quite variable and is primarily associated with the amount and location of the liposuction rather than the fat grafting. A prescription analgesic is usually required.

Pressure on the augmented area may diminish results and so it is important to avoid sitting or lying on your back for one week after surgery. Specialized pillows are often used to help patients through this early phase of the recovery. These pillows are available for purchase in the office.

Patients should plan on being away from work, exercise and other strenuous activities for approximately 2 weeks. Follow-up appointments take place in Richmond at 3 days, 1 month and 3 months following the procedure. It’s common for patients to continue wearing some form of compression for up to 2-3 months following their BBL. Often, the initial post-operative garment is exchanged for a second stage garment at the one month follow-up visit. Second stage garments are available in the office.



This body contouring procedure lifts and tightens the buttocks and lateral thighs. It improves the appearance of dimpled and deflated looking skin that is a common concern regarding both these areas. Most patients that will benefit from this procedure will have had a significant weight loss.


The preoperative markings are carefully planned so that the final scar position will parallel the upper border of the buttocks and be easily hidden by pants and bathing suits. Excess skin and fat are removed and the buttocks and lateral thighs are then lifted.


In most cases, a buttock/thigh lift performed along with tummy tuck as part of a lower body lift. For patients with flat buttocks, a buttock/thigh lift may be combined with buttock fat grafting.


The incision line is closed with buried dissolving sutures and paper tape. Drainage tubes are usually not required. A compression garment is placed at the end of the procedure and should be worn for 2-3 weeks. Patients are discharged home from the surgery centre later that same day. Follow-up appointments take place in Richmond at 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months following the procedure.