Post-bariatric body contouring (PBBC) is a plastic surgery subspecialty that focuses on patients who have lost a significant amount of weight from diet and exercise or bariatric surgery; usually 70lbs or more.


Patients who have had this kind of weight loss have different requirements pre-operatively, intraoperatively and postoperatively than other body contouring patients. Pre-operatively, weight loss patients may require a more thorough work-up. If multiple procedures are required, careful planning is necessary to ensure that they are safely combined or staged. The procedures are often time consuming and, intra-operatively, care is taken to minimize inefficiencies and maximize safety. Post-operative considerations have led to the development of established protocols that help to prevent complications and speed the recovery.


Although we see a large number of patients from the Richmond Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Program, we also see patients who have lost weight by other means.


Ideally, patients should be weight stable for at least 6 months prior to body contouring surgery. Dr. Reid requires a BMI of 30 or less. In addition, any medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, sleep apnea, anemia, and bleeding disorders will either be optimized or will have completely resolved. Autoimmune disorders must be under control and under the guidance of a specialist. You may need to see your specialist to be cleared for surgery. Dr. Reid and the surgery center will not clear you if you do not meet strict health requirements.


Body contouring aims to enhance your shape and balance your proportions. This is achieved mainly by the excision of loose skin, removal of stubborn fat deposits and re-volumization of deflated areas. In addition to surgery, treatment plans may include liposuction, fat grafting and the use of breast implants.


Common procedures include: abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), lower body lifts, breast enhancements, arm lifts, upper body lifts, back lift and thigh lifts.


No. You cannot reserve a second surgery until healing is complete from the first surgery. Three months is the minimum requirement between surgeries.


Breast reductions and panniculectomies are the only skin removal procedures covered by MSP. You must meet the criteria for coverage. Please contact our office for information on candidacy. A referral for these surgeries is required. Wait times for these procedures may be up to 2 years or longer. You may proceed privately with all other cosmetic procedures while waiting for MSP covered surgeries.


A panniculectomy is a surgery that aims to remove excess hanging skin and fat called a pannus or “apron” from the lower abdomen post extreme weight loss.

A panniculectomy is not the same as a cosmetic tummy tuck. Instead, it’s a surgery done to eliminate a hanging skin fold that may cover your thighs and genitals and to improve function rather than appearance.


Consultations with Dr. Reid for Post Weight Loss Body Contouring take place at the Specialist Referral Clinic (SRC) located in Vancouver, BC. There are fees associated with booking your consultation.


No referral is needed to proceed privately. To arrange a consultation, please contact the SRC directly.


All procedures will take place at the Cambie Surgery Centre, a private surgical facility in Vancouver. If your procedure takes place through MSP only, it will be done at Richmond General Hospital.


We recognize that multiple body contouring procedures can be costly. Quotes for these surgeries cannot be given out prior to your consultation, as these procedures vary greatly from patient to patient and are highly dependent on your assessment with Dr. Reid. We do not finance directly. We recommend Ifinance Canada or Medicard. All body contouring fees are collected through the SRC (Specialist Referral Clinic).

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