The firmer, flatter abdomen you desire may be well within your means. If you are interested in eliminating excess fat and hanging skin in your midsection, a tummy tuck in the Vancouver area may be the best treatment option for you. Dr. Owen Reid performs this procedure to sculpt the abdominal area and waistline by removing loose redundant skin and accumulated fat – and, in many cases, repairing weakened muscles.


Pregnancy, aging and heredity can lead to loose, sagging areas in the abdomen, waist, flanks and back. The skin and muscle laxity that cause this appearance can also be a by-product of a significant weight loss. A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, corrects these issues. This procedure can involve:

    • Removal of loose redundant skin resulting in a smoother, flatter, and tighter abdomen
    • Removal of lower abdominal stretch marks
    • Restoring the position of the rectus abdominis muscles to improve contour and core stability
    • Improving the position and appearance of the belly button
    • Refinement of the waist and hip contour
    • Removal or revision of abdominal scars that are the result of previous surgeries


Tummy tuck methods have evolved significantly in recent years. This common procedure can be customized to suit your unique needs and proportions. Your tummy tuck procedure will follow a carefully developed course of action based on extensive collaboration between you and your surgeon. Your consultation will be an opportunity to discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Reid. He will ask questions and listen carefully to your ideas and concerns. This conversation will culminate in a surgical plan developed specifically for you.

A mini tummy tuck can address minimal laxity in a concentrated area. A more involved variation may target larger areas of sagging and inelastic skin extending down to the hips and waistline, up to the upper abdomen, and around the sides to the lower back. Your procedure will do as much – and as little – as you need to achieve a toned, smooth midsection.

Tummy tuck surgery takes place in an accredited private surgical facility in Vancouver. The procedure takes about 3 hours, and during the surgery patients are asleep under a general anaesthetic. Prior to the end of the procedure, Dr. Reid will inject local anaesthetic, or “freezing”, to enhance your comfort upon waking. The stitches are dissolving and are buried underneath the skin. Throughout your procedure and into your recovery, your safety, privacy, and comfort will remain our top priorities.

Results of a tummy tuck can often be enhanced by additional contouring and fat removal via liposuction. A tummy tuck is also a common component of post-bariatric surgery.


Prior to an abdominoplasty with Dr. Reid in Vancouver, we recommend that patients prepare themselves and their home for the recovery phase. Vitamins and supplements should not be taken for 2 weeks prior to the procedure. Ensure that you are eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein and fiber. Consider organizing some assistance with childcare, pets, and housework. It may not be comfortable to lie flat in the first few days after an abdominoplasty so prepare a place in the home for you to relax and sleep. Prescriptions should be filled ahead of time and it may also be a good idea to have on hand some gauze, paper tape, baby/feminine wipes, Acetaminophen, and stool softeners.


Just prior to your abdominoplasty at the private surgery center in Vancouver, Dr. Reid will meet with you to discuss the procedure and to do the preoperative markings. The final scar position will be determined by the markings and Dr. Reid will review this with you. Areas to be treated by liposuction will be carefully mapped out. Although the amount of skin and fat to be removed is estimated at this time, a final decision is not made until the marking can be re-measured and confirmed in the operating room.


Careful consideration of the risks and benefits of a Tummy Tuck, or any other procedure you are considering, is an important part of the consultation process. A tummy tuck often results in a dramatic improvement in appearance and contour which is the obvious benefit. The scar that results is concealed nicely, low in the abdominal area where it is often covered by clothing. This combination of attributes is part of what makes this operation so well-liked by both patients and surgeons. With every surgery there are potential complications. Although they rarely occur, possible complications include: poor scarring, numbness, bleeding, prolonged swelling, infection, asymmetry and the need for revisions. Your safety and the achievement of a quality result will be Dr. Reid’s primary focus throughout your surgical experience.

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Dr. Owen Reid MD FRCSC


Dr. Reid has trained specifically in plastic surgery. He completed medical school with honors at the University of British Columbia prior to receiving training in surgery of the breast and body.


Dr.  Reid is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. He frequently attends conferences relating to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery while maintaining an active interest in post-weight loss surgery.



For the majority of weight loss patients in the Vancouver area, treatment of the abdominal area is their highest priority. In addition, it is perhaps the area of the body for which plastic surgeons, like Dr. Reid, have the best treatment option. As a result, an abdominoplasty or body lift is usually the first and most important procedure for weight loss patients.


For more information on abdominoplasty procedures with Dr. Owen Reid, request your consultation today or call our office at 604-343-9309.


Several factors should be considered when one is determining the best time to have an abdominoplasty. Most importantly, a patient’s weight should be stable for approximately 6 months prior to surgery. Medical conditions such as hypertension, sleep apnea, diabetes, and anemia should be under control or resolved. Patients with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle will recover better and faster from body contouring procedures. And lastly, prior to an abdominoplasty, patients should arrange for time off work and some support at home so that they manage the recovery process without unnecessary stress.


Dr. Reid customizes every body contouring procedure on a case-by-case basis. That said, most abdominoplasties (tummy tucks) include these steps:

      1. Skin incision – A horizontal incision is made low on the abdomen so that it will be concealed by clothing.
      2. Elevation of the abdominal flap – The blanket of skin and fat over the abdominal area is widely elevated, exposing the underlying muscle layer.
      3. Repair of the rectus diastasis – Pregnancy and weight gain often stretch the connective tissue between the rectus abdominis muscles. This gap between the muscles is repaired by stitching the fascia.
      4. Repositioning of the belly button – The belly button is brought out through a new location in the skin and secured in a way that encourages a natural appearance.
      5. Removal of excess skin and fat – To obtain a flat, tight abdomen excess skin must be removed. In many weight loss patients, this amounts to more than 30cm or even 40cm of skin.
      6. Skin Closure – The upper and lower skin edges are secured with multiple layers of dissolving stitches at the end of the abdominoplasty.


Dr. Reid will repair the rectus diastasis whenever it is indicated, or in other words, whenever he feels that it will benefit the patient. More than obesity, pregnancy is most responsible for the development of the muscle separation (rectus diastasis) and as a result, this procedure is more beneficial in women than men. For some women, the rectus repair represents a really important part of their abdominoplasty while for others, the effect of the repair is quite subtle. Dr. Reid evaluates each patient’s rectus diastasis during the consultation process and the impact of this step in the abdominoplasty can be estimated at that time as well.


For patients who are overweight and for those who have had a major weight loss, the mons pubis area is often in need of treatment. Typically, it benefits from both a lift and a reduction, otherwise known as a ‘monsplasty’. Rejuvenation of the mons area is an integral part of every abdominoplasty or tummy tuck performed by Dr. Reid.


Each patient is different and so each abdominoplasty should be as well. For ease of description however, Dr. Reid will often make reference to only 4 different types of abdominoplasties:

    • A standard abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
    • A lipoabdominoplasty
    • An extended abdominoplasty
    • A Fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty


Lipo-abdominoplasty refers to the combination of liposuction and abdominoplasty to treat the abdominal area. Areas that benefit from liposuction often include the upper abdomen, the waist and the hips. For patients who haven stubborn fat deposits in these areas, a lipo-abdominoplasty is a safe and effective body contouring procedure.


As the name suggests, in this abdominoplasty variation the lower abdominal horizontal scar is extended further around each hip so that a larger area of skin laxity can be treated.


In an abdominoplasty, excess skin and subcutaneous tissue are removed in the vertical dimension. In some weight-loss patients, the final abdominal contour that results from this removal of excess skin across the lower horizontal incision won’t be ideal. The Fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty incorporates the low horizontal incision as well as a vertical mid-line incision that allows excess skin and fat to be removed in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions. At the cost of an additional scar, the Fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty provides a powerful body contouring option for massive weight loss patients. The best candidates for this type of abdominoplasty are those with significant laxity in the upper abdominal area and those with a pre-existing mid-line vertical scar.


Post-operative drains have been commonly used for abdominoplasties for decades. The benefits of reduced swelling and seroma risk are offset by increased discomfort, scarring and infection risk. Drains were routinely used in our practice until research emerged suggesting that buried absorbable sutures could serve the same purpose. Since 2020, Dr. Reid has been using quilting sutures, instead of drains, in all of his abdominoplasties, thus making recovery for our patients considerably more comfortable.


Most patients choose to stay overnight at the private surgical facility in Vancouver. This helps ensure your comfort and safety during this important time. Dr. Reid will be available to address any issues that may arise during your admission and he will see you the following morning before you are discharged home. Please make arrangements for a responsible adult to accompany you on the way home.

You will receive your postoperative instructions from Dr. Reid before your surgery. These instructions will address questions related to sutures, showering, medication, and your return to work and exercise. An emergency contact number for Dr. Reid will be listed here as well. Though an emergency call is generally not necessary, we will make sure that Dr. Reid or one of our staff is available at all times to take your call.

Your first postoperative office visit will take place 2-3 days after your surgery. There, Dr. Reid will check that you are healing properly. We generally schedule additional follow-up appointments after 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year. Of course, you are welcome to call us for an appointment whenever the need arises.



For more information on abdominoplasty procedures with Dr. Owen Reid, request your consultation today or call our office at 604-343-9309.