Our goal is to consistently provide a high level of service that helps each patient achieve his or her goals. To do so, we feel that it is important to have a set of values that continuously guide us in the work we do. After you read this, we hope you will feel comfortable with our treatment philosophy.

Your desire and motivation to pursue plastic surgery is personal – only you can know how these changes will make you feel and how they might improve your quality of life. Dr. Reid will take the necessary time to listen to you so he understands what’s important to you and what your treatment goals are. Your privacy will be protected throughout the consultation experience, and the result will be personalized care that is tailored to suit you.

Having surgery, or a non-invasive treatment, should not be a passive process. We believe that your education about the available treatment options is essential and that it will enhance communication, facilitate better decisions about care and ultimately lead to better outcomes.

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Dr. Owen Reid MD FRCSC


Dr. Reid has trained specifically in plastic surgery. He completed medical school with honors at the University of British Columbia prior to receiving training in surgery of the breast and body.


Dr.  Reid is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. He frequently attends conferences relating to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery while maintaining an active interest in post-weight loss surgery.

A great result often requires the successful completion of a long series of smaller steps. A diligent work ethic goes a long way towards achieving this, but we have also created protocols, safeguards and checklists for those parts of the treatment pathway that are common among groups of patients.


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Your safety is our primary concern during each phase of your treatment. Pre-operatively, while you are considering your options, any treatment benefits will be weighed against the potential complications so you can make a truly informed decision. If required, we will arrange any lab tests or consultations that may enhance your safety or outcome. The private surgical facilities we support are accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. Your experience there will be guided by a strict set of safety and quality assurance measures. Finally, the post-operative care instructions are designed to maximize your comfort and aesthetic outcome. Dr. Reid realizes the importance of being available to his patients following surgery so they have the support and reassurance required for a safe and positive experience.

We aim to provide good value to all of our clients and patients. Our goal is to deliver great results at a median price point that is comparable with those offered by other providers.

Dr. Reid has created a culture of continuous improvement within the office. He believes it is essential to always be working towards better outcomes and patient experiences. Dr. Reid attends conferences regularly and keeps up to date by reading the latest articles within his scope of practice. He also collaborates with his plastic surgeon colleagues locally to ensure that the care he is providing meets or exceeds the current standard of care.

Thank you for spending this time with us, and we hope to see you in the office.


The office of Dr. Owen Reid is an established plastic surgery clinic that aims to be a leading provider of both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery services to adults in Richmond, Vancouver and the surrounding area.