There are a few things you may wish to do in preparation for your breast augmentation consultation in Vancouver with Dr. Owen Reid. While the consultation will be thorough, it is best to come prepared with questions and a basic understanding of this plastic surgery procedure, so that all your needs are sure to be addressed.



During your breast augmentation consultation at our Richmond office, you may want to take notes so you can remember all of the information discussed. Before your consultation, you should have a vision of the final result you would like to achieve. Would you like the size increase to be noticeable or subtle? Do you desire a change in shape or a lift? Are there asymmetries that need to be corrected?

The consultation is a great chance to get to know Dr. Reid and his staff. Arriving with a few key questions in mind, will help you to get the most out of your consultation.

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Dr. Owen Reid MD FRCSC


Dr. Reid has trained specifically in plastic surgery. He completed medical school with honors at the University of British Columbia prior to receiving training in surgery of the breast and body.


Dr.  Reid is an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. He frequently attends conferences relating to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery while maintaining an active interest in post-weight loss surgery.


Sometimes knowing what questions to ask can be difficult. Below, we have compiled some common questions asked during a consultation for breast implants with Vancouver area surgeon Dr. Reid.


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    • What are your credentials and certifications?
    • How many years of dedicated training do you have specifically in plastic surgery?
    • Where will my procedure be performed? What is the surgical center's accreditation/licensing?
    • Am I a good candidate for breast implants?
    • What kind of breast augmentation procedure is right for me?
    • Would I benefit from any related procedures being performed at the same time?
    • What kind of results should I expect?
    • What can I expect during my recovery, and how should I prepare?
    • What is the relationship between implant size and complication rates?
    • How are risks minimized and complications managed?
    • How will my breast implants change over time or after pregnancy or breastfeeding?
    • What are my options if I don't like the cosmetic results of my augmentation?
    • What will my breasts look like if my implants are removed and not replaced?
    • What is the total cost of the procedure?
    • What financing options are available?


Dr. Reid will guide you systematically through the major considerations that relate to breast augmentation surgery so that you can make an informed decision. These include your medical history, your goals, implant size and type, procedure type, the recovery process, the potential risks and the cost. You will be provided with a unique surgical plan and all of the necessary instructions to ensure that your breast enhancement goes smoothly.

We hope that your consultation with Dr. Reid is both informative and enjoyable.