Thigh Lift in Richmond & Vancouver Area

Thigh Lift in Vancouver

Benefits of a thigh lift

A thigh lift aims to improve the contour, shape and size of the thigh. More specifically, it is the inner or medial thigh that is the primary target of this procedure. In contrast, the lateral thigh is treated with either a buttock/thigh lift, a lower body lift or liposuction.

Who will benefit from a thigh lift?

The patients who will benefit most from a thigh lift are those with a significant amount of loose skin in the medial thigh area. Ideally, the thighs will appear somewhat 'deflated'. Commonly, these are people who have lost weight and their thighs are just one of many areas affected by loose, redundant skin.

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Where does the procedure take place

Dr. Reid performs his thigh lifts at a private surgery centre in Vancouver.

Thigh lift preparation

It's important to use a compression garment following thigh lift surgery. This will help to limit the post-operative swelling, reduce the risk of complications and speed the recovery process. Your measurements will be taken ahead of time so that a garment can be ordered and received prior to your thigh lift.

Planning a thigh lift

Not every thigh lift is the same and prior to surgery, Dr. Reid will review your goals for the procedure and he will map out the anticipated scar position while trying to demonstrate the expected change in thigh contour. The scar that results from an thigh lift is strategically positioned along the inner thigh where it is relatively less visible. The length of a thigh lift scar is determined by the location and severity of excess skin. In most cases, the scar extends from the groin crease down to a level just above the knee.

Treatment of the knee area

Even after reaching your goal weight, the knee is a common area to have persistent excess fat. Liposuction around the knee is an effective way to address this issue.

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Staging and combining thigh lifts with other procedures

The inner thighs are rarely a patient's first priority and thus a thigh lift is seldom one of the first procedures that weight-loss patients select. When a thigh lift is combined with an abdominoplasty or lower body lift the recovery is quite difficult and so these combinations are not advisable. A more practical combination would include a thigh lift and a breast lift or breast augmentation.

Thigh lift recovery

Thigh lift incisions are closed with dissolving stitches and paper tape. Drainage tubes may or may not be required. A compression garment will be applied immediately following the procedure. After a brief period in the recovery room patients are discharged home. An overnight stay at the surgery centre is not required. In the days following a thigh lift, it is important to keep your legs elevated as this help to minimize swelling and speed the recovery. Follow-up appointments will take place at 3 days, 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months following the procedure.


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