Cutting Edge Technology


Over the past few years the task of ‘staying up to date’ in my chosen field has gone from being a tedious chore to something convenient and enjoyable. A software program called ReadCube has changed everything.
In the beginning, when I was a medical student, I could search for journal articles on line but to read them I had to physically find the journal in the UBC Medical Library. This was a slow process and as a result, most of the reading and studying that I did was in textbooks.
Years later, when I started my Plastic Surgery residency in Calgary, I had on line access to Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the premiere journal in my field. While this was certainly an improvement it was only one journal and therefore provided access to only a fraction of the articles I needed.
Fast forward to the present and the situation is much improved. A couple of years ago, I discovered a program called ReadCube . . . “read, manage and discover new literature like never before”. Their tag line is true! The convenience and power of this software was immediately apparent to me and worth the added monthly expense. As a Clinical Instructor with the UBC Faculty of Medicine, ReadCube allows me to search any journal within UBC’s massive library of international titles. Articles that interest me can be immediately downloaded. In addition, ReadCube allows me to sort and file the articles as I see fit, which makes for easy reference later. The ability to sync my ReadCube library between all my devices means that I have access to my favourite papers no matter where I’m working. ReadCube even helps me to stay current by flagging newly published articles that are similar to my previous downloads. With these features, ReadCube has helped me to improve patient outcomes in my practice by making it easier than ever before to do the research that is sometimes required as I prepare for an upcoming case.
Thank you ReadCube . . . just in case you’re reading my blog.