Will Implants Lift Your Breasts?

What is the best procedure for sagging breasts? Our Vancouver area-based practice gets asked this question frequently by patients who want to address loose skin and restore a lifted appearance to the breasts. Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and aging can cause the breasts to droop. As there are so many options available, it may sometimes be difficult to know which is best for you. Breast augmentation is one way of enhancing the appearance of the breasts, but this isn’t the only option for improving their shape. We can recommend the best option for you based on the condition of your breasts and your goals. In this post, we’ll explore some of the factors you will need to consider when choosing a breast surgery procedure to lift the breasts.

Although breast augmentation with implants can sometimes address cases of very mild sagging by restoring volume, in most cases implants won’t be enough to lift sagging breasts. Breast augmentation is focused on the size and shape of the breasts rather than their position on the chest.

If your primary goal is to restore a more youthful, perky, firmer, and aesthetically pleasing shape to your breasts, then you might want to consider a breast lift instead. This procedure does not involve the use of implants at all. The existing breast tissue is manipulated and reshaped as a way of lifting and tightening the breasts. A breast lift is ideal for addressing sagging, drooping, or asymmetry a patient may be experiencing because of pregnancy, aging, weight fluctuations, or other factors.

It’s important to remember that a breast lift does not involve adding volume, so it is a better option for someone who already has a sufficient amount of natural breast tissue. The results can often be more subtle for this surgery and natural looking compared to implants. If you are mostly happy with the size of your breasts but want to improve their tightness and position, then a breast lift may be what you need.  For many patients, combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation may mean the best of both worlds as volume is added while the tissues are reshaped to create a perkier appearance.

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