What Are the Benefits of a Drainless Tummy Tuck?

Are drainless tummy tucks better? Vancouver area patients who visit our office are often curious about this. The midsection can be a problem area for many people. Due to genetics, hormones or their natural body fat distribution, some people have the tendency to carry more weight on the belly area and even after losing weight, they may not be able to make this area look as toned as they want it to. Aging, weight fluctuations and pregnancy can leave you with sagging skin on the belly area that’s uncomfortable and negatively affects your quality of life. Another concern that some patients have is separated stomach muscles or diastasis recti because of pregnancy, improper exercise techniques or other causes. Tummy tucks, also known as abdominoplasties, are a form of cosmetic surgery that improve the appearance of the abdominal area. They can involve the tightening or removal of sagging skin, reduction of fat, and repairing of separated sit-up muscles to restore a tighter, flatter, and smaller stomach.

There are various techniques used in tummy tucks. As of 2020, our practice uses quilting sutures, instead of drains, in all tummy tuck surgeries. Our drainless tummy tuck technique provides optimized results and the shortest, easiest recovery. Here’s what you should know about how drainless tummy tucks work and what the benefits of this technique are.

Traditionally, tummy tuck patients needed to have drains for several days following the procedure to prevent fluid accumulation, but many patients considered this to be an uncomfortable and inconvenient aspect of the surgery. Additionally, when post-operative drains are used, there’s a higher risk of scarring and infection. Luckily, as techniques have become more advanced, there are new options available for patients. A drainless tummy tuck is performed with a technique that gets rid of the need for post-surgical drains. Dr. Reid starts by using liposuction to reduce stubborn abdominal fat so that less surgical intervention is needed to sculpt your midsection area. He then will address the skin and muscle tissue. A layered suturing technique is used to allow your recovery process to be drain-free. The recovery process for a drainless tummy tuck is generally smoother and less complicated compared to a traditional tummy tuck procedure and scars typically heal better.

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