What Are the Top Benefits of a Breast Lift?

Your breasts go through significant changes because of hormones, weight fluctuations, and aging during your lifetime. Sagging of the breasts, also known by the medical term breast ptosis, is a completely natural cosmetic change that many women experience but some people might not want this and seek out ways to correct it. Although strengthening the chest muscles can provide a minor natural lift to the breasts, we can’t significantly improve the shape of the breasts through exercises because they are made up of fat and ligaments but lack muscle tissue. Aging is one of the primary causes of breast sagging because as we age, the ligaments that provide support to the breasts lose elasticity while the gravitational pull also affects their shape. Exposure to UV rays can also damage the skin and cause it to lose elasticity. Major fluctuations of the weight cause unnecessary stretching of the breasts. Additionally, the chemicals in cigarette smoke are harmful to skin fibers and cause them to break down. The size changes to the breasts that occur during pregnancy can also cause stretching. A breast lift from our Vancouver area practice is an effective way to restore more shapely, youthful-looking breasts. Here are some of the main benefits of this procedure:

  • Restoring the breasts to a more youthful, uplifted position and contour while maintaining the current breast size
  • Restoring shape and volume to breasts that have become deflated
  • Repositioning the areolas to enhance the new appearance of the breasts
  • Relief from irritation beneath the breasts caused by excess, stretched skin
  • Clothes fit better and you will feel more comfortable wearing form-fitting clothes
  • Less pain in the back, shoulders, and neck from incorrect posture

In addition to breast lift surgery, there are other techniques you can use to prevent sagging and improve breast firmness. Maintaining a consistent, healthy weight, wearing a well-fitting, comfortable bra especially during workouts, quitting smoking, and working out your pectoral muscles are some of the ways you can prevent sagging.

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