What Should You Know Before Having Liposuction?

Even if we’re in good shape, almost everyone has at least one problem area they wish they could address. It’s difficult to achieve the ideal body shape if genetics or hormonal factors make you have the tendency to store more fat on specific areas. Liposuction is what our Vancouver area-based office of Dr. Owen Reid usually recommends for patients who are slim but just want to reduce some excess fat from isolated areas for a more balanced body shape. The great thing about liposuction is that it directly suctions away fat cells from specific areas and once the fat is gone, it can’t return. Even if you were to gain weight in the future, the areas that were treated with liposuction will be proportionally smaller compared to the ones that weren’t treated. Liposuction is a more simple, straightforward option compared to many other forms of plastic surgery, however that doesn’t mean you should take the decision to have this surgery lightly. If you’re planning on undergoing liposuction, here are some things you should be aware of.

  • Liposuction Won’t Address Loose or Excess Skin

Sometimes the problem areas on your body that you’re self-conscious about are caused by a combination of loose, sagging skin and excess fat. Although liposuction suctions the unwanted fat, it won’t do anything to correct the loose skin. In fact, if you have lots of excess, sagging skin, liposuction can sometimes make it look worse. It’s better consider other procedures such as a tummy tuck if you have sagging skin. The best candidates are those who have maintained some skin elasticity and don’t have much cellulite.

  • It’s Not a Weight Loss Surgery

It’s a common myth that liposuction makes you lose weight. The truth is that liposuction is only intended for patients who are at or close to their goal body weight. It’s intended for those who just have one or a few small problem areas, not as a treatment for overweight or obesity. Chances are, you’ll only lose between two to five pounds at most. However, you’ll lose inches and fit better in clothing.

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