Who is a Good Candidate for an Upper Body Lift?

Is loose skin on your back causing bra bulge and making it difficult to find clothes that fit properly? Not sure which form of plastic surgery is best for rejuvenating your upper body? Exercise and changing your diet won’t help to tighten the loose skin – for that, you’ll need cosmetic surgery. The right type of cosmetic procedure for each patient may depend on their age and the condition of their skin. Patients who are considered ideal candidates for an upper body lift at our Vancouver area practice are in good general health, have loose skin under their arms, around their armpits, below the breasts, or on the back, and do not have much fat beneath the skin. They also share some of the following characteristics.

Moderate to Severe Skin Laxity

Although there are now many minimally invasive alternatives for skin tightening, many patients may find that these treatments don’t provide satisfying results for them. Cases of severe skin sagging that causes rolls may require surgical excision for dramatic tightening.

Loose Skin

Although patients at any age who want to remove loose skin from the back could be eligible for this type of surgery, as we get older, we are more likely to need a body lift to correct sagging skin. Throughout each decade of our life a significant amount of the collagen and elastin that we need to maintain firm, volumize skin is lost because of normal aging and sun exposure.

Weight Loss

Loose, hanging skin is a common side effect amount patients who have lost a large amount of weight rapidly through bariatric surgery or natural means. The collagen fibers in their skin have been stretched and it can no longer snap into its normal shape. The skin can often be frustrating, embarrassing, physically uncomfortable, and prevents patients from reaching their body goals. In most cases, the only way of actually tightening these areas and removing the excess skin is with plastic surgery.

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