Can Liposuction Reduce Stomach Fat?

Even with the best diet and exercise routine, getting the physique you want can be difficult. When we lose weight from all over the body, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be able to make our body proportions exactly the way we want them to be. There’s a simple reason for this: we carry more fat cells in certain areas than others and each person’s body shape is different. The stomach is one of the most common areas for both men and women to be self-conscious about, especially if their body type makes them have a strong tendency to store fat around the middle even when the rest of them is slim. If you’re thinking of having liposuction from our Vancouver area practice for a flatter stomach, you should remember that it doesn’t work on all types of stomach fat.

Each time we gain weight, the fat cells on our “problem areas” become enlarged. Since we have more of them on those areas, they are proportionately larger than the other areas on the body. Genetics and hormonal factors have a major influence on where we store fat, which is why some people may consider their hips, thighs, and butt to be areas where they gain weight most easily while for others, it may be the stomach, flanks, or elsewhere on the body.

We have two main types of fat in our bodies: visceral and subcutaneous. The best method to reduce your stomach fat depends on which type you have more of. The visceral fat is a type of unseen fat that accumulates close to the internal organs such as the liver and intestines. This type of fat protrudes against the muscle wall, which is why some people have a “beer belly” that feels hard. Subcutaneous stomach fat, on the other hand, is the soft, squishy fat directly below the skin that you can pinch. Liposuction can only remove the subcutaneous fat, but it won’t be able to access visceral fat in the deep abdominal cavity. Currently, the only way of reducing visceral fat is through lifestyle changes such as improving your diet and exercising more regularly. For more details on body contouring with liposuction, contact the Vancouver area-based office of Dr. Owen Reid. Call us at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form to request a consultation with him ifthere’s a cosmetic surgery procedure that you’re interested in having.

Is A Lower Body Lift Right for Me?

You may have noticed that weight usually comes off easier and returns faster on certain areas than others. Everyone’s body shape is unique, and we don’t have much control over how our weight is distributed because that’s mostly affected by genetics and hormonal influences. For women in particular, the lower body areas such as the hips, thighs, and buttocks tend to be the areas where they store excess fat. After losing a significant amount of weight, whether through traditional methods or bariatric surgery, one of the drawbacks for many patients is the excess skin they are left with on the lower body area. Once skin has been stretched out because of weight gain, especially if you’ve been overweight for a long time and lost weight rapidly, it can’t return to its previous tighter shape. Patients are often self-conscious about the way this makes their body look and wish they could restore a more youthful, slimmer appearance. Body contouring procedures such as lower body lifts from our Vancouver area office are a popular way of addressing the skin wrinkling and sagging that occurs on the lower body areas, since they allow the patient to have the excess skin removed and tissues repositioned.

If you can’t decide whether this is the procedure you should have, ask yourself whether a minimally invasive procedure would be enough to achieve your goals or whether you would need a more invasive surgical option. Generally, the candidates who will benefit most from a lower body lift include patients who:

  • Have significant soft tissue laxity or wrinkling on one or several areas on the body including the thighs, buttocks, and lower abdomen
  • Have older skin
  • Are in good health without any underlying medical issues that may make surgery riskier or delay healing
  • Maintain a positive outlook and realistic expectations for what they can attain with the surgery
  • Don’t smoke
  • Are dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet
  • Have experienced massive weight loss
  • Want to complete their weight loss journey by removing loose skin

Contact Dr. Owen Reid if you would like a more in-depth explanation on the benefits of lower body lifts from his Vancouver area practice. Curious about how this procedure works? Call directly at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form to request a consultation if you’re considering plastic surgery.

Why is Winter Ideal for Cosmetic Surgery?

One of the most important aspects involved in planning for plastic surgery is the timing. Patients often have questions about when will be the best time for them to get a certain procedure because of course, they want everything to do with their procedure and the results to be just right. People who have an upcoming special event to attend such as a wedding need to give themselves lots of time to heal before the occasion. Seasonality is also something you’ll need to consider as some treatments are more popular at some times of the year than others. Then on top of that, there’s the complicated issue of deciding how to navigate taking time away from work and your other responsibilities. It’s important to discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon and find out how much time you’ll need for recovery. If you’re thinking of having some form of plastic surgery such as breast augmentation from our Vancouver area practice, the colder months are an optimal time to finally have the cosmetic treatment you’ve always wanted. These are some of the reasons why we recommend having surgical treatments at this time.

You’ll Need Less Vacation Days

Lots of people put off having plastic surgery because they might feel like can’t take off enough time from work to recover. As the holidays provide some built-in days off work you won’t need to take as many days off and this will give you a longer time to rest up at home.

Conceal Side Effects

When you spend most of your time indoors and covered in bulky clothes, it’s easy to hide any changes or side effects you experience during recovery.

Be Ready in Time for Summer

For most body procedures, it can take months before the complete results appear. Scars and swelling need sufficient time to disappear. When you have a body contouring or breast surgery during the winter, you’ll be ready to flaunt your new look by the time warmer weather and swimsuit season arrive again.

Contact the practice of Dr. Owen Reid to have all of your questions about breast augmentation in the Vancouver area answered. If you’re interested in getting to know more about what this procedure involves, call us at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form to schedule a consultation and let us know about your goals.

How Long Do the Results from a Tummy Tuck Last?

Maintaining balanced breast and hip contours with a slim waistline isn’t always easy because genetics, pregnancy, or weight gain can cause you to store resistant excess fat on the midsection or stretched skin that won’t go away. Although patients can obtain impressive results from plastic surgery performed by an experienced practitioner, one of the most common concerns that patients have is whether their stomach will remain flat permanently. The results from a tummy tuck from our Vancouver area practice are considered to be permanent because the fat and skin cannot return after we have removed them surgically. The slimming and tightening effects will be long lasting but with that said, it will still be important for patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid anything that could reverse them.

Remember that it’s still possible to gain weight even after having this procedure and weight gain can cause the skin to become stretched out again. The most important thing patients can do is maintain a stable weight. Extreme weight gain in the future could cause excess fat deposition that would undo the results. If you want to maintain the sculpted body shape you get from a tummy tuck for years to come, here’s what we recommend doing.

  • Eat Healthy

Patients will need to make certain lifestyle changes after a tummy tuck such as avoiding processed foods and refined carbohydrates along with high sugar, and high fat foods. Focus on including more nutritious foods in your diet

  • Exercise Regularly

Although plastic surgery can give you outstanding results, there’s no replacement for regular exercise for maintaining good health. A combination of aerobic exercise and weight training will help you to tone your abdominal area.

  • Manage Stress

Stress due to sleep deprivation or other factors causes your appetite to increase and causes hormonal balances in the body that make you more likely to gain weight on the abdominal area.

Learn more about what to expect from a tummy tuck in the Vancouver area at the practice of Dr. Owen Reid to enhance the abdominal area by tightening skin, removing fat, and repairing weakened muscles. Call us at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form to schedule a consultation and tell us more about your goals.

What Should You Do After Liposuction to Get the Best Results?

The main benefit of having liposuction is that it improves areas of excess fat on parts of the body that have been resistant to diet and exercise. When you lose weight normally through traditional techniques, the fat cells remain but simply lose some of their fat content. Liposuction from our Vancouver area office, on the other hand, will permanently remove those fat cells that remain directly below the skin. Once the fat has been removed, it can’t grow back. Although most of the hard work is done in the office and liposuction is less invasive compared to some other forms of plastic surgery, it’s important to remember that what the patient does at-home during their recovery will have a major impact on the type of results they get. There’s no way of knowing for sure what to expect during recovery as the experience varies from patient to patient depending on their age, overall health, prior medical history, and other factors.

Here’s what patients can do at home to optimize the outcome from this procedure while avoiding complications. It’s normal to experience mild bruising, swelling, and discomfort but these side effects will typically resolve on their own within a few weeks.

  • Wear Compression Garments as Directed

While you’re recovering, the surgeon will give you a compression garment or elastic bandages that will need to be worn around the areas that surgery was performed on. These help to keep swelling down, decrease discomfort, and help your body contours adapt to their new shape. Follow your surgeon’s instructions for wearing them.

  • Limit Your Activity

Try to reduce your activity and avoid strenuous exercise after liposuction. The compression garments will restrict your movements and you’ll need to give yourself time to heal so plan accordingly and get support if you have small children.

  • Go For Walks

Light movement such as gentle walks can help you recover at a faster rate even though heavy exercise should be avoided.

Liposuction is a safe way of reducing stubborn fat on isolated areas of the body. Find out whether you’re eligible for liposuction in the Vancouver area at the practice of Dr. Owen Reid to enhance your body shape. Give us a call at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form to schedule a consultation and learn more about the benefits of body contouring procedures.

Who is a Good Candidate for an Upper Body Lift?

Is loose skin on your back causing bra bulge and making it difficult to find clothes that fit properly? Not sure which form of plastic surgery is best for rejuvenating your upper body? Exercise and changing your diet won’t help to tighten the loose skin – for that, you’ll need cosmetic surgery. The right type of cosmetic procedure for each patient may depend on their age and the condition of their skin. Patients who are considered ideal candidates for an upper body lift at our Vancouver area practice are in good general health, have loose skin under their arms, around their armpits, below the breasts, or on the back, and do not have much fat beneath the skin. They also share some of the following characteristics.

Moderate to Severe Skin Laxity

Although there are now many minimally invasive alternatives for skin tightening, many patients may find that these treatments don’t provide satisfying results for them. Cases of severe skin sagging that causes rolls may require surgical excision for dramatic tightening.

Loose Skin

Although patients at any age who want to remove loose skin from the back could be eligible for this type of surgery, as we get older, we are more likely to need a body lift to correct sagging skin. Throughout each decade of our life a significant amount of the collagen and elastin that we need to maintain firm, volumize skin is lost because of normal aging and sun exposure.

Weight Loss

Loose, hanging skin is a common side effect amount patients who have lost a large amount of weight rapidly through bariatric surgery or natural means. The collagen fibers in their skin have been stretched and it can no longer snap into its normal shape. The skin can often be frustrating, embarrassing, physically uncomfortable, and prevents patients from reaching their body goals. In most cases, the only way of actually tightening these areas and removing the excess skin is with plastic surgery.

For more advice on the benefits of an upper body lift in the Vancouver area at the practice of Dr. Owen Reid, get in touch with our team today. Call us at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form to schedule a consultation and we will get back to you shortly.

Which Non-Cosmetic Concerns Can Be Treated with a Tummy Tuck?

Have you ever looked at the flat, super-toned abs of celebrities and wondered how you can get the same look to show in time for beach season? A tummy tuck, which is also called abdominoplasty, is what our Vancouver area practice recommends for patients who want to transform their appearance or restore their body shape after pregnancy or losing a significant amount of weight. Tummy tucks won’t automatically give you chiseled, six-pack abs but they will lay the groundwork by removing resistant skin and fat. While there are many obvious cosmetic benefits to having this procedure, such as improved self-esteem that may lead to a better overall quality of life and being able to wear clothes that did not used to fit well before, there are also some major physical benefits associated with the treatment.

1. Address Diastases Recti

Ventral hernias occur due to weakness of the abdominal wall because of pregnancy, prior surgery, chronic coughing, heavy lifting, obesity, or other causes. By strengthening the core muscles, the surgeon can also reduce the unnecessary stress and pressure that’s placed on them and prevent a ventral hernia from developing.

2. Relief for Back Pain

Lower back pain is another common complaint that can be corrected with a tummy tuck. People who have given birth or experienced major weight loss often suffer from lordosis or sway back. Tightening and strengthening the abdominal muscles helps them to provide better support for your back.

3. Better Posture

Another major advantage of having a tummy tuck is that your posture is likely to improve. Having good posture provides relief for your back and decreases the stress that’s placed on your joints, connective tissue, and ligaments as you age.

4. Improved Stamina and Tolerance for Exercise

One of the negative side effects of losing weight is having loose skin on the stomach. Being overweight for a long time causes skin to become permanently stretched as it loses collagen and elastin. A tummy tuck makes exercise easier and gives patients a renewed sense of confidence.

Explore the cosmetic and medical benefits of having an abdominoplasty from Vancouver area’s Dr. Owen Reid office to restore weakened muscles and remove sagging skin. Give us a call at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

How Do You Check for Signs of Skin Cancer?

Soaking up a few minutes of sunlight per day may have some health benefits such as improving our mood and regulating our sleep quality, but you should try to avoid too much exposure to UV rays. After any kind of major form of plastic surgery, patients are usually encouraged to protect their very sensitive skin from sun damage that may cause scars to darken. But even if you haven’t had any cosmetic procedure, excess sun exposure is the main cause of skin damage other than chronological aging and also the main risk factor for skin cancer. Dr. Owen Reid offers mole removal at his Vancouver area practice for patients who wish to have them removed for cosmetic reasons or because of a medical issue. Unsure whether spots and blemishes on your skin may need to be removed? Here are some tips for identifying potential warning signs of skin cancer.

The ABCDEs of Melanoma

Skin cancer looks different on everyone but there are some basic rules you can use to spot moles on your skin.

A is for Asymmetry: All of the normal moles on your body tend to have a symmetrical circular or oval shape, so an asymmetrical shape could be a sign that something is wrong.

B is for Border: Is the border of the mole blurred, jagged, or scalloped? The borders of healthy moles are clearly defined.

C is for Color: It’s normal for moles to have a uniform tan, brown, beige, or black color. Abnormal moles have unusual colors such as blue, pink, red, and white. There may also be a mixture of multiple colors.

D is for Diameter: Moles should be small – no larger than a pencil eraser. Although some melanomas can be very small, it’s a red flag if you have very large marks.

E is for Evolving: Is there a mole on your skin that’s continuing to get larger, or have other symptoms such as bleeding, crusting, or bruising over several weeks or months? That’s a sign that it could potentially be a serious condition.

If you’re concerned about the appearance of a mark on your skin, it’s important to get it checked out by a professional. For more advice on abnormal mole removal contact the Vancouver area’s Dr. Owen Reid office. Call us at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

How to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery is a major deal, so it’s always best to weigh your options and not rush into anything. The most critical decision patients will have to make is finding the person who will perform their surgery. After all, you’ll have to live with the permanent enhancements they make to your body for the rest of your lifetime and you want to have the safest experience possible with successful results. If you’re planning on having breast augmentation in the Vancouver area, read these tips first.

  • Vet the Surgeons You Consult

    Instead of going with the first doctor you meet, you can interview several plastic surgeons in your area to compare them. You need to find a surgeon who is trained and highly experienced in performing breast augmentation in particular. Ask them whether they’re board-certified with the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, what they were trained in, how many times they’ve performed breast augmentation, and how many years of training they’ve had.

  • Consider Their Aesthetic Style

    Many believe that plastic surgery is just as much of an art as it is a science. Every patient has their own preferences and unique taste. Similarly, each surgeon has their own style, so even if you find one who performs breast augmentation, that doesn’t mean that the kind of look they create will be attractive to you. Ask to see their before and after photos and look at patients who have a similar body shape and breast type to you.

  • Think About Your Personal Comfort Level

    Another factor that is often forgotten about is how the patient feels about the surgeon. Your feelings and the vibe you pick up from the doctor and their staff are important. Ideally, you should choose someone who you feel you can trust and communicate with them easily. Ask yourself whether you feel completely comfortable with your surgeon and their support team. They should be someone who is polite, helpful, and doesn’t make you feel pressured to go through with anything.

Breast implants can give you a renewed sense of confidence by enhancing the size, shape, and symmetry of your breasts. If you have questions about breast augmentation in the Vancouver area, the Dr. Owen Reid office can guide you through everything that’s involved. Call us at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

How to Make Scars Less Noticeable After Plastic Surgery

When the deep layer of your skin is injured, infected, or inflamed, scarring occurs as part of the body's natural healing process to repair the skin that has been damaged or removed. The scar that forms will have a different colour and texture compared to the surrounding skin. One of the biggest concerns patients who are having plastic surgery such as a tummy tuck, arm lift, or breast augmentation usually have is whether the procedure will leave permanent scars. Scarring is an inevitable occurrence whenever you have any form of plastic surgery that involves larger incisions, and some patients can scar more than others even when proper care is taken to protect their skin after surgery. Nevertheless, there are some steps that patients can take, including scar revision from our Vancouver Area office to improve the cosmetic appearance of the scar, restore their functional abilities if scars have inhibited the patient's movement, and reduce pain or itchiness associated with some scars.

  • Follow Your Surgeon's Advice

    From the moment you leave the operating room to recover at home, caring for your incisions becomes critical. Make sure you have a clear understanding on when you'll be able to remove any bandages or support garments, what will be done about stitches or sutures, how you should wash your skin, and which products you should use on your skin.

  • Stay in the Shade

    Sun exposure and fresh surgical incisions don't mix. Scars are more sensitive to sunlight and tend to burn more easily. They can become darkened by sunlight and appear more pronounced. Wear protective clothes, slather on sunscreen, and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

  • Avoid Heavy Workouts or Stretches

    Stretching, straining, or placing too much tension on the incisions can cause healing to be delayed. Avoid heavy lifting and intense workouts until your surgeon says it's safe to resume them.

Thinking of having a surgical treatment to fix sagging skin or remove unwanted fat? Discover the benefits of scar revision from the Vancouver area Dr. Owen Reid office or learn more about the surgical procedures we offer. Give us a call at 604-343-9309 or submit a contact form if you'd like to meet with us to discuss a surgical procedure.